Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Blue Eyes

go under the blankets and close your eyes
an empty black room with open skys
floating calmly up in space
only once have i seen this place
its eyes quickly open scarey and blue
it sees your soul and frightens you
screaming with terror you open your eyes
under the blankets theres no open skys


Chewing on a straw
all I'll do is draw
your heavy but you feel light
tonight will be a good night
bodies all pins and needles
we can just listen to the Beatles
run around the pillars
freaking out the tillers
we walk up the big hill
its easy cause' the pill
all i do is want this feeling
getting money for the dealing
holes slowly forming in my brain
i can feel myself going insane
i know its bad but it feels so good
this is me, misunderstood.

Where Im From Poem

I'm from darkness
I'm from light
I'm from the catch 22 of constant fight
I used to be a hundred,
now I'm just a 10
I'm from a perfect world
and a body left curled
stuck in the middle
I'm comfortably normal
I'm from only high points and low points not in between
seem to be lost, where have i been
I'm from the tire swing of the past
at least i learnt to have a blast
eventually i hit the tree
and at that point my soul was set free
still attached to my body
but my clothes were left soggy
literally that's not true but in concept it is now
I'm from standing center stage, all that's left is to take a bow
I'm from that clubhouse in the bush
"the nabours caming, shush!"
only allowed to the tenice court
so we may as well build another fort
in from one heartless soul
and one soul very rich
I'm closer to one but I'm not sure which
i cant be in the middle for my heart is pure
but maybe i am lets find a cure
i came from everything and i was left with nothing
all i hear now is the silence loudly ringing
and i know why, run away we'll jump to the sky
with our trampoline or pogo stick
our new adventures and notes to flick
back 9 years later and nothings the same
my new life begins, care to play a game?