Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Im finally getting a camera.
so now ill finally get to post pictures by mee,

Kevin russ

we all do

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Saturday, December 26, 2009


The way i feel about you is something rare and new, they dont even write books about whatever it is we are. i like that. i like you. I like writing with my fingertips on your skin all the things i cannot say. i like how you pull my shirt off over my head like in the movies. i like sitting in the passanger seat of your truck. i like holding your hand in public, it makes me feel like one of those cute people i always used to look at. i like the muscle in your arm that looks like your flexing even when your not. i like it when you lye ontop of me, the pressure of you against my chest makes me feel safe. i like when our hearts beat at the same time, its almost like a miracle and i love that. i like when you get me to sit behind you and rub your back. i like when you fall asleep with your head on my lap. i like when you look into my eyes and we both pause for a couple seconds. i like when you tell me you love me. i love you.

For Dylan <3

Our bodys soft and warm
hearts raging up a storm
its dark but i can feel you
this feeling im not used to
your heart against my chest
together we caress
as we kiss eachothers necks
things get much more purplex'd
the sensations skin on skin
i can feel you deep within
i love the way you look
i love the way you smell
its almost like a book
inlove with you i fell.

This reminds me of you

This reminds me SO much of Shleby and me, to the point its almost strange. Y

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Music Blog

Ive been told all the time i have a good taste in music.
and i just made a blog with some great music,
ill be adding more music all the time.
throwing a party? ive got a top 10 party song list.
feeling down? ive got a top 10 calm indie music list.
checker out.

in a sweater poorly knit and an unsuspecting smile
little moses drifts downstream in the Nile
a fumbling reply, an awkward rigid laugh
I'm carried helpless by my floating basket raft
your flavor in my mind swings back and forth between
sweeter than any wine and bitter as mustard greens
light and dark as honeydew and pumpernickel bread
the trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead
Snowflakes spill from heaven's hand
Lovely and chaste like smooth white sand.
A veil of wonder laced in light
Falling Gently on a winters night.
Graceful beauty raining down
Giving magic to the lifeless ground.
Each snowflake like a falling star.
Smiling beauty that's spun afar.
Till earth is dressed in a robe of white
Unspoken poem the hush of night.

Poem About Dylan <3

Come soar away with me
Think of all the things we'll see
The sky could be our home
On earth forever roam
Lets drift across the ocean
Heart sinks with every motion
Let destiny take us away
We could feel this everyday
Lets sit upon the treetops
When i look at you my heart dropps
We could have nothing or everything
With you id be happy with anything
Theres nothing that i wouldnt do
For im absolutly inlove with you.

I like a lot of bands but as of today im a fan of MWY

Thursday, December 24, 2009

This Postsecret is truer in my life then it should be.
Why is it that everytime im with you i believe in magic? Y
sometimes, i don't like photos because they're painful memories of friendships that no longer exist Y

The Triangle

What's with all the Triangles?
They seem to be everywhere. A simple shape of
three points and three lines.
They may seem inconsequential, but they aren't.
The Triangle has a rich and complex history and
has, since early civilizations, been the symbol of the
trilogy (or “triad”) that makes all existence possible.
The triangle reprisents 3, and the number 3 reprisents
so many differant things unto its self

Past, Present, Future.
Father, Mother, Son.
Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
Wisdom,Strength, Beauty.
Right Speaking, Right Doing, Right Thinking.
Darkness, Light, Duration.
Affinity, Reality, Communication.
Knowledge, Responsibility, Control.
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No evil.

In the westorn canion, the significance of the
Triangle dates back to the Platonists' geometrical
theories, in which the Triangle is posited as the
primary plane surface. Equilateral Triangles,
particularly, represent the godhead of harmony
and proportion; Plato, in the Timaeus, considers
that the right-angled Triangle stands for the Earth.
The Pythagoreans attached various values
to Triangles and their geometrical derivations.

the Triangle was also significant to
the Mayans, whose hieroglyph for the Sun-ray was
a Triangle; In Masonry, the "sublime Triangle," or
"shining Delta" is a cosmic triad representing
ancient proportions and a variety of moral
triptychs like "wisdom, strength, and beauty," or
"right thinking, right speaking, and right doing,"
sentiments which echo throughout many religious

The Triangle persists throughout society and history
because of its universal properties. The
truths about this shape can be uncovered by anyone
taking the time to meditate on the form.
A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step Y

An undamperd Christmas

Today i realized that not everybody has a Merry Christmas.
When i was little i thought every kid woke up on christmas morning to presents a good breakfast and had a day filled with joy, but later in life i realized that some people face brutal hardships and scaring memories, lots of people are homeless and stuck in the cold, and i was upset about walking 20 minutes in the freezing cold, imagin having to live in it without family friends food or a place to stay. My christmas has been pretty damperd the past few years, i was just going to stay at home and act like it was a normal day, but i think a better thing to do would go downtown and give out muffins and cookies, dont mind my cliche. but i think if anyones going to have a bad christmas u might as well spend it cheering up others christmas, infact it might even be your best.