Saturday, December 26, 2009


The way i feel about you is something rare and new, they dont even write books about whatever it is we are. i like that. i like you. I like writing with my fingertips on your skin all the things i cannot say. i like how you pull my shirt off over my head like in the movies. i like sitting in the passanger seat of your truck. i like holding your hand in public, it makes me feel like one of those cute people i always used to look at. i like the muscle in your arm that looks like your flexing even when your not. i like it when you lye ontop of me, the pressure of you against my chest makes me feel safe. i like when our hearts beat at the same time, its almost like a miracle and i love that. i like when you get me to sit behind you and rub your back. i like when you fall asleep with your head on my lap. i like when you look into my eyes and we both pause for a couple seconds. i like when you tell me you love me. i love you.

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